Break away with us, leave the urban city life and come have some fun outdoors. Drink from crystal clear streams and dive into the cool natural pools deeply hidden within the lush forests of the Eastern Cape. Can you remember the smell of clean air as you make your way up a mountain, pushing with all your might, knowing the prize for reaching the top? It is calling you… The deep valleys with rugged sides covered with the greenest ferns imaginable. “Where have you been?”, is the echo you hear as you cry out a “whooohoo”, reaching the top of a rockface – heart pumping, muscles aching, and yet so satisfied. You have seen it on TV, but nothing could have prepared you for the void you enter as you abseil from up high. This is adventure! This is what you crave!

Let us present the Eastern Cape to you in the form of Hiking, Climbing or Abseiling. We can tailor make a package to suit your needs.


… But! Is something standing in your way? Aah! Many excuses?
I hear you say, “But I don’t have gear.” Well, we provide a solution…

Trek and Trail can hire you the necessary gear to get the job done. Why spend a fortune on buying expensive equipment that will only be used once in a while? Rather hire it for a fraction of the price.